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“You were not kidding with your slogan ‘Find Your Shine’. My 2001 Viper looks better than it did new...”

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Jorgen's Garage : Clay Bar Treatments : Sweet Shoes: Tire & Trim Kit (Chrome)

Sweet Shoes: Tire & Trim Kit (Chrome) 
Sweet Shoes: Tire & Trim Kit (Chrome)
Price:  $59.95



Sweet Shoes: Tire & Trim Kit ( Chrome & Painted Wheels)

What's the first thing people notice on your ride? What's the first thing that is usually customized when you get that new car? It's the Sweet Wheels your car is sporting and we have the kit to keep them looking better than new.
  • Mag Shag ™ Rim and Chrome Protection Kit
    Unsurpassed in quality, Mag Shag™ Rim Protection Wax combines the latest innovations in molecular chemistry to deliver a protective coating that will outlast and outshine ANY wheel & chrome product available. Mag Shag™ is formulated to safely and effortlessly clean, shine, protect, and prolong all types of wheels and chrome finishes. Mag Shag™ delivers an unmatched high-gloss; durable wet shine finish on all chrome, aluminum, stainless, powder coated, and even painted wheels.
  • Guard All™ Multi-Purpose Protectant:
    A multi-surface shield and enhancer for your vehicle that delivers superior results without oily, greasy, sticky, or shiny residue. Spray Guard All™ dressing onto your vinyl, rubber, trim and tires and watch them come to life while providing unmatched protection. This dual action premium dressing leaves surfaces 100% dry to the touch and shining better than new, while protecting them against dirt and dust. Our formulation utilizes industry-leading sealants that aid in protecting seats, steering wheels, door panels, trim and dashboard against the harsh environmental elements. Guard it with Guard All™!
  • Blueball Z™ 1 Wheel Rim Cleaner:
    With BlueBallZ™, the grime and grease just 'roll' away! A premium wheel and rim cleaner that will outshine and out clean not only your wheels but your expectations as well. BlueBallZ 1™ works fast to loosen and emulsify grease and grime for easy rinse. A truly amazing PH balanced degreaser that delivers powerful cleaning and degreasing action Fast!
  • Spit Shine™ Tire and Trim Gel:
    Give your tires and exterior trim that Spit Shine™.
    Our Tire & Trim Gel prolongs and restores the life of your trim, tires, door linings, and plastic moldings: conditioning and revitalizing for months. A premium trim and tire restorer & protector that delivers unmatched durability, ease of application, and a superior new look shine that lasts weeks even through numerous washes. Spit Shine™ is non-greasy non-tacky and, simply… Amazing. It repels water, rain, contaminants and detergents.
  • 360° Swivel Tire Dressing Applicator & Replacement Pad:
    The 360° Swivel Tire Dress represents the latest innovation in tire-cleaning technology. This Applicator combines a durable and ergonomic plastic rotating handle with a replaceable fiber-pad; enables you to quickly and efficiently apply any tire-dressing product in a single swoop while avoiding the mess associated with towels or sponges. You Will Love this Trick Little Tool!
  • 5” Round Premium Micro-Fiber Applicator Pad:
    Micro-fiber Pads are a mandatory tool for successful applications and polishing, especially when done by hand. Our 5' round micro-fiber pad spreads a thin, even layer of polish or wax. Our pads easily rinse clean using water and/or our all purpose CleanIn™ multi-purpose interior cleaning product.
  • Sculpted Multi-Use Dressing Applicator