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“You were not kidding with your slogan ‘Find Your Shine’. My 2001 Viper looks better than it did new...”

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Jorgen's Garage : Testimonials

“Hands down the best detailing products on the planet. You dont need anything you can't get from Jorgen's Shine Shop.”  - John Ennis
I purchased your gt20/20 paste wax in november,and to say the least im highly satisfied and impressed with this product. i have only put one application on my car so far and the shine is incredible.even after i have washed the car and dryed it down the shine is unreal.cant wait to put next coat of wax on.finally i found a great paste wax that delivers results.finally a company im proud to do business with.anyone out there who hasnt tried this gt20/20,you got to try it,it delivers results,and well worth the price.thanks again mr jorgen,im sure ill be making several orders in the near future.
- Terry Long, GA

"I am impressed. I am sure the pic I sent to you really doesn't do my car justice as far as the shine goes, but let me assure you....it is shiny!!!!!! So I had my doubts before receiving your products that anything could make it shine more. After waxing my hood I could see myself in the reflection better than ever before, so I waxed the passenger side next and could see a noticeable increase in shine and reflectivity. I was sold after that.
I am not easily impressed and was pleasantly surprised with the quality of your products."
-Mark A. Daniels

“ I bought one of your ‘Bucket Of Shine” kits and all I can say is Wow! You have an amazing product and my Hemi Challenger has never looked so good. You have earned new customer for life!”
- Mathew Vance

challenger "I purchased one of your complete detail kits and all I can say is, your products rock! I can’t believe how wet the shine looks on my 2005 Elise, it’s amazing. The best part was how easy it was to get such a great end result. I also love the Happy Ending Detail spray, I use it everyday just before I head out keeping the car looking ‘just waxed’ every day."
- Adam Germane
“I just wanted you to know how happy I am with your Mag Shag  rim wax on my wheels and the results are absolutely amazing. Not only do my wheel now Pop! They stay clean & shiny for much longer. When I wash my wheels all of the brake dust and dirt just rolls off, Amazing Stuff! “
- David Miller

“ I purchased one of your Bucket of Shine kits and just completed a full detail on my BMW. First let me say how very impressed I was with how  my order was packaged. I have never really detailed a car myself, but I have not been happy with the results from the detailer I have used, so I thought I would give it a try myself. Your products were so easy to use and the results were astounding. The car looks as though I just had it painted and the interior looks new again. You definitely have a new loyal customer, Thank you! “
-Larry Edelstein

“ You were not kidding with your slogan ‘Find Your Shine’. My 2001 Viper looks better than it did new after your clay bar treatment & GT2020 Paste wax. Over the years I have tried most of the other products out there and nothing even comes close to your products, from the wash to the tire dressings to the final wax Jorgen’s is by far the best car care line out there. I am a true believer and will let all my friends know, thanks again.”
- Steve Miller

“I just had to order and try a bottle of your ‘Happy Ending’ detail spray when I saw it. I love it; it really brings out the shine on my Harley and keeps it looking great each time I take it out for a cruise. You got my attention with the name, but your keeping me as a customer with a great product”
- Wally Peterman

“ Jorgen, I met you at the SEMA Show and you gave me some samples of your Glimmer Wax and Happy Ending detail spray to try out. Well, I just placed my order on line for a ‘Deluxe Kit’. It was great meeting you and you have another loyal customer.”
- Stan Mooneye

“I have tried most of the car wax products on the market and I wanted to let you know how fantastic I think your GT 2020 Carnauba Paste Wax is. It went on so easy and even came off easier, I can not believe the depth of  shine my roadster now has. This is by far the best wax I have ever used, thanks.”
- Marty Simpson

“Jorgen, it is really refreshing to not only get a product that is better than what is claimed, but to deal with a company who provides great customer service. Purchased one of your car care kits and had several novice questions on the steps I needed to follow, when I call your company, they were very helpful and even called me back the next day to see how the detail went. Wow! it is great to see there are companies our there who still care. You have great products and a great company; I will highly recommend you to all my friends in the Corvette club.”
- Steve Bateman

"Hi, the goods arrived today.. :) I´ve already tried the Carnauba glimmer wax and it´s amazing to work with! ...probably the user friendliest wax we´ve ever used.. With best regards and looking forward to order some more products from you..! With best regards and looking forward to order some more products from you..!"
-Olafur Traustason, Iceland